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“I got my first chiropractic treatment two years ago because I was having stomach pains and my doctor recommended I go see a chiropractor to help me with the pain. I went there for about a year, and then I moved to California and stopped my treatment. I then got into a car accident and started chiropractic care once again. Whether it would be a rib out of place or just for regular maintenance, chiropractic care has “GREATLY” affected my quality of life for the better.”

– Lynn B.

“Coming to Prodigy Chiro-Care & Spinal Rehab has turned my life around, I was suffering with neck and upper back pain for a couple of years, and after my first few visits to your office I totally felt a lot better, and a big difference with my everyday lifestyle. Dr. Rodriguez is so friendly and make me feel really comfortable. He’s Awesome!!! I’m so thankful and lucky to have found such a great chiropractor.”

– Chavva S.

“I came into Prodigy Chiro-Care & Spinal Rehab after an injury with a negative outlook on possibilities to be cured. Not only have I gained my strength back, but the staff at Prodigy have helped lower my blood pressure and weight, but raising my strength has given me a positive outlook for the future. I recommend this chiropractic office to anyone with health concerns and give them FIVE STARS on wonderful service! Thanks again.”

– Ray M.

“After trying to get help though my HMO health plan for my back problem that was causing numbness in my legs, I took a chance at seeing a chiropractor. I visited Prodigy Chiro-Care & Spinal Rehab, and they were able to straighten my back through exercise and treatment, and the numbness went away! When ever I stain my back, I know that I can rely on the doctors at Prodigy Chiro-Care to help me get back to normal.”

-Max P.

“I became a patient a Prodigy Chiro-Care when one morning I dropped something on the floor and could not pick it up. The pain was so bad I driving was my worst enemy. I knew that regular medical doctors couldn’t help me with this excruciating pain. A friend referred me to Dr. Rodriguez office. He examined me and thoroughly explained what type of treatment was needed. Since then, I have steadily been improving and in some ways it has changed my lifestyle to prevent further injuries. I’m so thankful to everyone a Prodigy Chiro-Care.”

-Sheila M.

“I walked into Prodigy Chiro-Care & Spinal Rehab on May 24, 2006 in major pain, completely frustrated, and scared due to an injury at work. As of today July 17, 2006 I feel as if I’m officially on the road to recovery! All the pain has lessened tremendously, and the staff make me feel more than comfortable and have such positive energy. I can’t wait to recover fully. I would definitely refer any injured person to Prodigy Chiro-Care.”

– Xochitl B.

“I came in to Prodigy Chiro-Care with the ultimate back pain, and Dr. Rodriguez and his staff made me feel completely comfortable in my misery especially since it was my first visit to a chiropractor. My back has never felt better and stronger. Thanks Dr. Rodriguez!”

-Ashley G.

“I went to Prodigy Chiro after going to three different Chiropractors, all miss diagnosing my shoulder injury. Dr. Rodriguez took the time to listen to what happened and what symptoms I was having. I am now 100% back to my normal activities ie: firefighting, surfing, rock climbing. I still go on a monthly basis to stay aligned due to my active lifestyle.”

-Geoff O.

“A quick note to thank you so much for getting me all fixed up and back on my feet. I can’t tell you what a pleasure it’s been to be so well treated by you and your team of very efficient staff. As you know, when I first came to see you I could barely move, now I feel like a young buck again, well, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but you know what I mean. Limber and able to go about my daily life again is such a pleasure and it only reiterates once again as you said, how important it is to come in on a regular basis, rather than waiting until you’re in pain and not able to function. I have as you know, recommended you very highly too many of my friends and associates at work and can’t praise you folks enough, many thanks again.”

-Alan V.